Junior Philharmonic Orchestra of Tokyo Japan
Founded in 1972 by conductor Setsuo Tsukahara, The Junior Philharmonic Orchestra consists of 86 members ranging in age from ten to twenty. The orchestra quickly established itself in Tokyo with a regular series of popular performances.
The Junior Philharmonic of Tokyo held the first session of The Japan National Music Camp in 1978, which was joined by one hundred members of The Washington D.C. Youth Orchestra. Since then the junior Philharmonic has hosted the music camp and invited participants from Japan and abroad.
In 1992 the orchestra celebrated its 20th anniversary with an acclaimed tour of the U.S. It has earned a good reputation through performances at many venues including Carnegie Hall. Since its founding the orchestra has won popularity throughout the world. It performs under the batons of Japan's most distinguished conductors.
Formed from the Asahi Junior Orchestra, which had been sponsored by the Asahi Shinbun, as a parent body with 86 members ranging in age from 10 to 20, under the direction of Composer Mr. Setsuo Tsukahara and Secretary-General Ms. Michiko Kobayashi.
Gave the 1st Regular Concert. Released an educational LP record "Music Kingdom" from Victor Musical Industries, Inc. Performed at the 1st Sunday Concert, by the request of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and continued to appear on 45 stages to date.
Given support from the ministry of Education, Science and Culture. Represented Japan at "The International Youth Orchestra Festival," held in the U.K.
Given the honor of performing in the presence of H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth.
Two - week goodwill concert tour to U.S.A. Achieved success in performance at several halls including the first concert of Japanese performers at the White House.
Held the 1st Japan National Music Camp. Gave a memorial concert in the honor of Music Director Mr.Setsuo Tsukahara, who passed away suddenly during a rehearsal of Beethoven's Symphony No.9 for the Regular Concert.
Represented the Japanese youth orchestras at the "International Year of the Child Concert", hosted by the Prime Minister's Office.
Concert tour to Europe in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the JPO's founding. Performed in six countries including Austria and enjoyed favorable reception from the public.
Performed at "The 100th Commemorative Grand Concert of Musical Appreciation Class for the Youth", hosted by the Asahi-Life Welfare Foundation.
Concert tour to China, by the invitation of the China People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Gained great popularity through performance at several halls in Beijing, Shanghai and many other cities, and by a television appearance.
Goodwill concert tour to the U.S.A. in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the JPO's founding. Earned a good reputation through performances at many venues including Carnegie Hall.
Performed at "The 34th Annual Performance of Music by Teenagers" hosted by the Society for the Advancement of Musical Association, held at the Suntory Hall.
Received special participation in the Light and Hope Association Orchestra, a group for the Egyptian blind girls, held at the 13th Japan National Music Camp.
Invited two violinists from the Korea Art School to the 17th Japan National Music Camp.
Gave the 37th Regular Concert in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the JPO's founding. The concert was held at the Suntory Hall under the Baton of Mr. Koji Toyoda and Mr. Hideaki Hirai, and was accorded a favorable reception.

The Junior Philharmonic Orchestra has been supported by Sumitomo Corporation since 1992.

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