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Tetsuro Yamada


Born in Kanagawa (Japan), Tetsuro Yamada won 1st prize at the 15th Japanese youth wind and percussion competition and currently studies at the state Geidai Music University in Tokyo with K. Okazaki and M. Kawamura.

He also won 1st prize at the 62nd competition of the "Tokyo Association for Excellence New Age", and has taken masterclasses with Richard Galler (20th and 21st Hamamatsu Academy, Japan) and David Seidel (22nd Hamamatsu Academy, Japan 2016 and Summer Academy Oberschützen 2017). As of October 2020, he is engaged in studies at the Bachelor level at the Graz University of Art at the Oberschützen Institute (with Prof. D. Seidel).

He was selected to participate the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Academy, and the  Berlin Philharmonic's Karajan Academy. He has participated in a bassoon course with Tobias Pelkner (Hochschule für Musik Detmold, Germany) and a chamber music course with Gottfried Pokorny.

He has won 1st bassoon at the Vienna Jeunesse Orchestra, and was invited to perform in the 15th Melosthos international festival, as well playing with the Webern Chamber Philharmonic.

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